About Us

Our lashes were assembled and created with love and in hope to enhance self-confidence in every person that wears our line. We are firm believers in self-love and care and would love nothing more than to see an individual be confident through the art of beauty and being out of their comfort zone when playing around with each style!

In future we aim to extend our line and bring more fluffiness to the beauty community based on people's choice and trends. We wanted everyone to be comfortable when selecting a lash style that suits their eye shape, lifestyle, to the event their attending. Hence the versatility in our range from lite and classic to dramatic to ensure there is a comfortable style for each and everyone’s needs which can be used on different occasions and multiple applications.
We aim to cater to all individuals whether your're first time lash wearer, a daily wearer or a MUA looking for the right look; each lash style is compatible with your personality and needs.

We're small in size but have a big heart! That is why we are all things about community and giving back overall in any way possible to show our greatest appreciation in any way. That is why we hope to achieve our our second mission – which is to build self-confidence and bring awareness in regards to all aspects of women's health through the world of beauty and empowerment.

Our products are safe to use with sterile packaging and we definitely look out for our paw friends and companions 🐾 with a cruelty-free range. We’re all about being eco-friendly as much as possible – so we made sure our lashes and cases are reusable to last for several applications and our packaging to be recyclable 
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